Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Watford: Day One General Election 2010

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm a paid up Liberal Democrat. And today, to mark the calling of the 2010 General Election, I headed up to Watford to help out on Sal Brinton's campaign. When I say help out, of course I mean a couple of streets of leaflet delivering, a bit of envelope stuffing (with Baroness Scott, random but she is really very nice) and hold a really big sign (my campaign speciality) during a quick visit by party leader Nick Clegg. Well it didn't seem all that quick when I was holding that bloody sign (Hugh Annand did try to help but he was quickly pulled away for more important duties)!

Anyway. It was a good day, there was a very positive feeling among the Lib Dems, and from following some of Tweets about the speech itself in the local church there seems to be a positive feeling further afield too. This election feels very different to 2005 and whilst I am a Lib Dem and prepared for the usual disappointments, I really think this election is ours to "lose" (obviously winning and losing for a Lib Dem is different than for a Tory and Labour supporter!)

Plus good to see an old friend, and meet a few more. One thing you can never say is that Lib Dems aren't a bloody welcoming bunch!
Good luck to Sal Brinton, check out her site here.

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Norfolk Blogger said...

With all the crap (literally) thrown at the Lib Dems from the Tories in Watford, the hate campaign, the court case and the conviction of the previous Tory PPC, the Lib Dems in Watford deserve to win.

Jae said...

Yes, I heard about all that whilst I was out delivering. Poor Sal. Good to see she's still at it though.