Sunday, 11 April 2010

Tory Gay Marriage Overtures Can't Be Ignored

As much as I would love to ignore just about anything the Tories say, we must welcome George Osborne's most recent comments:

The Tories would be "very happy" to consider same-sex marriage if elected, George Osborne has told gay activists.

The shadow chancellor met gay rights leaders including Peter Tatchell ahead of a protest outside Conservative campaign HQ by equality campaigners.

Mr Tatchell said the meeting showed Mr Osborne had "good intentions" but was still "weak on coherent policy".

But let us be clear here, very clear, the phrasing of this is by no ways a commitment to do anything and to me comes across more as an attempt to sooth angry GLBT folk than to actually propose something real. And, although this is more a personal viewpoint, I find the phrasing to be insulting; "to consider" suggests they might deign to offer GLBT people the rights they deserve. How kind of our soon-to-be heterosexual overlords!

Anyway, give them their dues this now leaves the marriage equality question firmly in Labour's ball court. The Liberal Democrats firmly support marriage equality. The Tories are thinking about it (rubbish!). Labour... has so far come out against it! Actively against it, which now puts them at the bottom of the GLBT rights pile. Come on Labour! Keep up. When you're behind the Tories on gay rights you know you are getting out of touch!

I want to make my opinions quite clear, although I think they already are: I believe this Tory promise to be nothing but hot air. I give them credit for saying the right words, but we have no evidence, based on past form, that they will follow through. So for now I continue to say that the only vote in favour of marriage equality is a vote for the Liberal Democrats (or the Green Party but let's not get too carried away!).

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