Saturday, 17 April 2010

The Polls Are Tolling The End Of Politics As Usual

I can't help it. I'm going to write a post that shall no doubt be proved totally and utterly wrong. I'm giving in to the excitement, and throwing off the shackles of past disappointment. Now is the time to hope for change!

The polls are coming. Yesterday evening they showed the Liberal Democrats move into second place, pushing Labour into third. Now polls have come out 1) confirming that and 2) we have two more showing us moving into first place ahead of the Tories! This is unprecedented. This is miraculous. Sure... it's all very 1983 like. But there seems to be something in the air. Revolution almost.

Yes, I'm under no illusions. A lot of people are thinking of voting Lib Dem to punish the reds and the blues. Can you blame them? Even more are keen to get the Lib Dems in so that they can overhaul our political system and put in place Proportional Representation. Some are right wingers. Some left. As a "true believer", I wish they were voting purely based on our policies and skills alone. But I understand also this is a wider movement coming to OUR side in our hour of need at last. And we cannot say no to that.

After expenses and the half hearted reforms of the Labour Governments since 1997 people are ready for something HUGE. They no longer want just revenge. They want reform forever. And the Liberal Democrats offer that.

The attacks have already begun and fight them off we shall. The angry and confused Tory and Labour supporters seem unable to comprehend that there has been a shift and their attempts to play politics as usual with their manifestos (offering choice between the two for once but not addressing the root cause of the corruption of our political system) have forced people to look elsewhere.

The young have finally woken up and decided it's time to seize their moment (I'm a little too old to include myself with them now.. damn it!) and if you want to follow the new movement for reform check out The Liberal Democrats official site is here

Now time for a song...

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