Friday, 2 April 2010

General Election Excitement!

Yes, yes... in that lull between Eurovision selections and the Eurovision contest itself, I'm far too open to outside influences.

Right now, the outside influences mostly getting my attention are those ramping up the excitement over the upcoming general election. Ever since I moved to Greenwich my interest in Westminster politics has been extremely low. But it's being inflamed once more and I'd forgotten how much I love the stats, polls, and policy u-turns that an election invariably throws up.

I've been amusing myself with messing around with some fun election sites and thought I'd share them with you...

Vote Match operates on a rather simplistic method of answering yes/no to different statements to give you an idea of how closely your beliefs match those of the big parties. My results were, rather predictably, 78% to the Lib Dems, 56% to the Labour Party, 43% to the Green Party and 41% to the Tories.

Vote for Policies is a little more interesting offering anonymous packages of policies from which you choose the one you agree with most. I got 75% Lib Dem, 25% Labour.

Rate My Tory is great fun, allowing you to view some of the more dubious records of Tory MPs and PPCs.

There's UK Polling Report, of course, which is one of those stat-porn pages so beloved of psephologists (and me).

The Times 2010 Election Map is quite fun too.

And don't miss the Labservatives inspiring campaign!! Time for... more of the same?

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