Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Tories Do Not Believe In Freedom

Whilst I continue my stance on both the hilariously misguided religious beliefs of many and on the need for a full and equal marriage law, the libertarian part of me strongly supports the request for religious civil partnerships. It seems bizarre to me that anyone would oppose this issue of personal liberty.

Well David Cameron does. The following is yoinked from here.

'Thank you for writing to me about civil partnerships in religious buildings.

'I appreciate that many people share your strong feeling about the issue. There are genuinely-held concerns on both sides of the debate, so I am very grateful to you for sharing your thoughts with me. As the amendment in question was debated in the House of Lords, I was unable to exert any direct influence over this issue.

'When civil partnerships were first introduced it was intended that they would be treated in the same way as civil marriages, which are also not allowed to take place on religious premises or include religious aspects in a marriage ceremony.

'However I know that many people in civil partnerships would like to change the current arrangements so that civil partnership ceremonies can take place on religious premises, or can at least include some religious aspects in the ceremony. I understand these concerns and I do not rule out changes in the future, but for the moment I think it best for the current arrangements to continue.

'Thank you for taking the time to write to me.'

So let me get this straight. A Godly man such as Mr Cameron does not support religious freedom. No does he support human rights which sort of puts him out of the progressive camp. In trying to please everyone, me thinks he might not be impressing anyone!

Honestly. The worst thing is, most Tory supporters will not say "That's wrong, that needs to change". Nope. They will go "Why aren't you attacking Labour???" as if attacking the Tories (the expected party of Government after the next election) is akin to supporting Labour and thus shouldn't be done.

Tories! Rise up and force your party to become less backward and more 21st century libertarian. It's not hard... Remember a third of the people who voted in Section 28 are still sitting Tory MPs!!!! This party has got to change radically, and soon.

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Paul Brownsey said...

When Conservatives talk of freedom it is usually shorthand for "Spend your evenings reading the small print on insurance policies to get the benefits formerly supplied by the state."