Monday, 19 April 2010

The Cleggist Uprising

Iain Martin feels that "short of an earthquake or a Cleggist uprising across the country they will not get enough votes to secure an overall majority." They obviously being the Liberal Democrats.

Well I think Cleggism is a good phrase to describe the people who have created the Lib Dem surge. They aren't true believers like the one in five people who normally vote Lib Dem. They are protesters, people turned off by the expenses scandal and the real lack of responsibility that the two "old parties" (as Nick Clegg likes to call) have taken for those problems. That's why they've turned to the Lib Dems. Not because of our policies, and I don't think attacks on our policies will turn them off. They believe, rightly, that the Lib Dems aren't after half hearted change... they want to shake up the corrupt political system and start afresh.

It's no surprise the rise began just before the debates and just after the manifesto launches... launches that made clear Labour and the Conservatives just didn't get it. The people of this country are bored of more of the same. Whatever happens now, I really don't think the Lib Dem surge will truly recede unless the Tories and Labour really face up to the fact that they must support REAL political change.

The smears are starting from "Nick Clegg's not British" to "the Lib Dems will give paedophiles a vote". They will not stop. Let's see how Clegg gets through the next few days and the next debate before we can tell whether this surge is blip or whether change will is on it's way.

Interesting articles today including how Murdoch would be locked out of politics for first time in decades if the Lib Dems got into Government, a rather good break down of voting patterns and changing preferences based on the British regions (which shows the nationalists down, long term readers will know how much that makes me smile!) and is YouGov push polling?

And let us finish with another song...

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