Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Surge: Beyond Mere Politics

We stand on the cusp of something. Something that could be immense. As the Tories and Labour begin to recover themselves from the shock of two weeks ago, we must accept there are now two possible futures:

1) the Liberal Democrats are pushed back and either the Tories win outright or the Lib Dems are forced to prop up a Labour Government and not get much in return, a bit like in the seventies.


2) the Liberal Democrats hold their ground or gain more and return to Parliament more powerful than previously conceived possible, and perhaps in charge.

The first option would be a disaster, not just for the Lib Dems but for the country. Our politics is dead. The Lib Dem surge has shown that our politicians are more corrupt than we could ever imagine and that the media truly believe they control our country. The sheer arrogance of this is enough to infuriate anyone. If we fail to seize the chance for fundamental change now, we may be trapped in our stagnant pendulum politics for another generation. And after Thatcher's war on the working class, and Blair's war on basic freedoms (and Iraqis) we've seen how destructive that can be.

The second option might not be one the majority would be happy with. Of course not. No party can expect to have a majority of people agree with it. If they did it'd be concerning. We live in a country full of many divergent opinions and views... that is healthy but they have no voice. I'm not saying the Liberal Democrats are that voice... we are more the voice box. With the power in our hands (however that occurs) we shall introduce PR (hopefully Single Transferable Vote) which shall finally allow the MAJORITY of people to get their voice heard. Whatever you believe in, the time has come to seize the chance to change our way of life, to throw off the chains of the status quo and finally secure a political system that might not be perfect but will allow different points of view to mold policy.

I'm a true believer. I love the Liberal Democrats. It hurts me to say this... but if you are a Tory, a UKIPer, a Green, a Labourite, a Socialist etc. etc. hold your nose. Vote Lib Dem. Get the chance to throw out our "past it's sell by date" system.

Seize the day. You might not get another chance.

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