Thursday, 8 April 2010

I Want More Women In Politics... But Not Like This!

I don't really know how to express something; the very uneasy feelings I have over the paper's coverage of the leader's wives.

I've no problem with leader's having wives/husbands who like to campaign for them. That is surely only naturally part of a relationship, one supporting the other. But I am quite disturbed by the newspapers focus on what the leader's spouses wear, and on some perceived competition between them.

As she arrived with her husband at community centre in the East End of London, journalists shouted questions not at the Prime Minister but at her. “Are you going to win it for your husband?”, they yelled. “Can you take on Sam Cam, Sarah?”.

Mrs Brown ignored the questions, but suddenly found herself in an unwelcome spotlight. Two hundred miles away in Leeds her Conservative counterpart, Samantha Cameron, was out campaigning solo, inevitably raising the issue of whether Mrs Brown should follow suit. The Times

Is this what our politics and our journalism has come to?

The Guardian, THE GUARDIAN!, is running... Stylewatch. I'm hoping that this is some very subtle satire of how the wives are being treated that is going over my head. Bless let that be the case. If even the Guardian has descended to that level, what hope is there?

There are so many good female politicians out there and that makes the fact the media (and perhaps some of the party machines) are focussing on two women just because of who they sleep with even more outrageous.

This not a very well worded piece, nor one that makes any sort of sense. But it's a brain dump of the feelings I've had the last two days... it's time we focussed on events in the campaign and (heaven forbid) the party's policies rather than what dress Mrs Cameron is wearing or whether Mrs Brown is "as good" as Mrs Cameron.

Don't you think?? Am I the only one who feels there is some deeply unnerving low brow reporting and, often, sexism beginning to sink into this General Election in a far greater way than ever before?

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