Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Gay Agenda

Being gay (or any form of LGBTQ, or even just sympathetic to said people) can be hard. I'm not just talking about the abuse, the torture, the murder nor the legal discrimination. No, no, those things are as old as time itself and whilst disgusting, outrageous and indefensible, at least we have come to expect them. Fighting them is a daily exercise. What really tires me out though is the suggestion that LGBT people are involved in some sort of organised conspiracy.

Just read the letters between an American fundamentalist and an African counterpart that can be found here (regarding the proposed state murder of homosexuals in Uganda). When I read those I feel the same way I feel when I read about the moon landings being faked or that Pearl Harbour was a false flag operation... i.e. I feel like I'm reading the mutterings of the insane.

Let me make this quite clear. There is no gay agenda. We have no plans to seize your children, it is not possible to convert someone to homosexuality, our organised pressure groups do not sit around at meetings going "Oh yes, whilst they all think we want marriage equality, our real plan is to break up heterosexuals marriages and pick off their children one by one".

We want homosexuality to at least be allowed to be mentioned in schools because

1) it's something that's real. People will encounter situations in which they meet gay people. Perhaps they should be taught they exist and are just normal people before they do?
2) there will be gay people in the classroom. Shocking I know. I remember my days at school under Section 28. Homosexuality was mentioned twice. Once in a rather confusing (to me) sexual health book that said it was just a phase. This left me wondering just how long a phase might be. The second time was when my English teacher(a fabulously intelligent and thoughtful man) at the all boys school I attended, told us to write a love poem as it'd be a skill we'd need for when we were "courting our girlfriends or boyfriends". When some sniggered at the back he shouted "It's true, I might be talking out of turn but statistically there will be a least a couple of future gay men in this room and there's nothing wrong with that". It was one of those moments at school that will stick with me forever... someone acknowledging the truth of my situation. Mr Swan, thank you. I feel denying other gay young people the right to acknowledgement during their education is wrong. School is about learning new things, not desperately denying their existence.

We do not want homosexuality to be taught in school because:

1) we think it'll turn people gay. If you think learning about homosexuality's existence is enough to turn someone gay then you are quite insecure in your sexuality. I went through nearly 13 years of heterosexual education. Didn't turn me straight did it??
2) we want access to schools so we can abuse children. Homosexuality does not work that way. I think you are confusing LGBT people with the Catholic clergy.

Other things: we do not wish to destroy society and remake it in our image. We don't want to destroy your right to believe in silly, non-existent entities (as long as you don't mind me worshipping a certain time travelling alien). We don't want to force our way of life down your throat, we just want to right to talk about it and have it considered normal (given how often I have to sit through heterosexual love making scenes on the television, I find annoyance at occasional inclusion of homosexual ones very irritating).

I really, really don't understand how I can make this clearer. It was hard enough hearing the crazy gay agenda stuff when I was at school. Now I'm an adult and basically being accused of being some paedophile with a revolutionary streak I really can't take it. It makes me so angry. It's not just homophobic. It's INSANE. And yet it's accepted among some rather influential groups in various countries and organisations. It's the basis, based on those letters, of a proposal to introduce the death penalty for homosexuality in Uganda. Generally people don't die over the "faked moon landings" stuff. It's the sickest of the sick.

The real Homosexual Agenda

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Alan said...

"we just want the right to talk about it and have it considered normal"

How prescient of you just a few days before the downfall of David Laws who simply could not bring himself to talk about his sexuality and ultimately has suffered cruelly because of that.

And because our society remains bogoted, we lose a decent politician who was working to improve that society. Ironic and sad.