Friday, 7 May 2010

Tough Times Behind And Ahead Of Us

Well. That wasn't pretty. I settled down in the pub last night and, stupidly, had allowed Cleggmania to go to my head. I wasn't expecting too much, a slight rise in seats. But what we got... well it was a bloodbath really. Oh sure, we're still better off than in 2001. No doubt about it. But we lost some very good MPs, especially Dr Evan Harris. But, BUT, we still gained an extra percentage point in terms of share of the vote which again highlights the ludicrous nature of our electoral system.

Now our party leadership faces a choice...

1) allow a Tory minority Government which will limp on for a few months before another election.
2) prop up a Labour Government i) with Gordon Brown ii) without
3) prop up a Tory Government i) in coalition 2) on supply basis.

None of these choices appeals to me. In fact all would make me unhappy. Which sort of helps me make up my mind in how I will argue away my concerns about what the leadership decides; I'll accept anything the leadership decides and give support to it. Not that that changes much, being a lay member with no power whatsoever, but I've seen the anger brewing between different groups of party members already, and feel I don't wish to become one of those people. We have a chance to push for something this country desperately needs: electoral reform. I trust the leadership of our party will pursue which ever of the offers we receive gives us the greatest chance of this.

That is what is important. That is what matters now. This is what we should be pursuing. I'm putting aside great misgivings about both the Labour and *shudder* the Tory parties because I understand that now is not the time for self interest but for what is in the best interests of this country.

Let's get behind Nick Clegg and the federal executive and support their decision. Whatever that turns out to be. And may God have mercy on our souls...

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