Tuesday, 4 May 2010

What Tory Non-Reaction To Philippa Stroud Really Means

The Philippa Stroud story rumbled on on Twitter, a very low level rumble that is, but didn't get into the mainstream media. I think any chance it will do is now extremely small. But that doesn't mean we can't extrapolate a few truths from the incident.

1) Here's a little paragraph from this article yesterday on why the media ignored the story:

"It’s interesting that today the Conservative Party quietly launched an equality manifesto, which among other things suggests that a future Conservative Government would “consider” the case for full gay marriage. But there was no press conference, so no opportunity for the mainstream media to question the Tory high command on the revelations relating to Mrs Stroud, so no opportunity to “move the story on”, something that is a pretty important task to achieve within a news story. Although a spokesman told me that there was never due to be any events or questions and answer opportunities relating to the publication of the equality manifesto."

So whilst the Tories launch their equality manifesto they keep absolutely silent on their position on Philippa Stroud, not even to defend her against her critics (nice party that). Disgusting, yet another sign they cannot be trusted on their promises to stand up for LGBT rights (or human rights in general)

2) Then there is this story on the hypocrisy of the Tories position on homophobia and PPCs. Basically they sacked Philip Lardner because he had no chance anyway, but won't talk about Philippa Stroud as she actually has (or is that had?) a chance in Sutton and Cheam. So homophobia is bad when it doesn't affect the Tories chances but okay to be ignored when it might. Principled? Me thinks not.

Don't be fooled by the Tories. As I said before the change is only skin deep.

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