Friday, 29 May 2009

The Party Political Broadcast Rundown!!

Most of these are the 2nd broadcasts...

The Lib Dems second Party Political Broadcast was... topical; all about the expenses scandal and loss of public trust in Parliament. Honest, straight forward, direct. Nick Clegg keeps it interesting even though it is a little bland.

The Labour parties 2nd one is still is all about Labour's achievements and the Governments attempts to fight the "international recession". They even have a hidden dig at the old Tory Government. Come on guys! It's been 12 years!!! Same Old New Labour.

The Tories 2nd one was edited in a similar way to one of those annoying Channel 4 adverts which means you learn allsorts of things at speed but end up thinking "sod it, this looks like a vehicle for some over rated celebrity". Which, basically this advert was. It was all about David Cameron. There was some policy talk but really no centre. It was all over the place. Lots of money thrown at this, and lots of marketing nuance but no heart.

UKIP's is STUPID. It's designed a bit like one of those poorly funded educational programmes from the early nineties and believes the UK on it's own would be able to compete with China, India or Brazil. Dear UKIP, stop lying. If you want us to be free of the EU, great for you. But if you think we will be able to compete in the future with countries over 10 times bigger than us, then you are... insane. They want a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, Lib Dems want a referendum on Europe. Hmm.. who should the Eurosceptics vote for?? Silly advert doesn't even make sense.

Fucking hell. It's the BNP. And they are pretending to be the inheritors of the heroes of WWII. They believe we fought WWII to defend our British values and "Christian way of life". No. We did it to protect our own ARSES from doom after we'd spent our time appeasing a racist dictator. The Nazi plan was not to create a European super state. It was to gain Lebensraum for the German people. I'm fairly sure they did not plan to create some sort of love in with Western Europe but create puppet states and vassals. They planned for a racist German super state free of the elements the Nazi's despised. Not quite unlike the BNPs policies. Also production values are on a par with my Media Studles GCSE coursework i.e. RUBBISH.

Jury Teams advert seemed to suggest they were all just very nice people. With no policies, except being nice.

What about us? Is the English Democrats cry. WHAT ABOUT ME?? They are the selfish brats of the political parties of Britain. Like a sister looking at her other sisters plates and thinking they all got bigger portions and it's obviously a conspiracy on the part of their mother. Now I don't want to say they are like the BNP. That would be unfair. But this is for the voter who thinks the BNP are great but hates all the nasty racist, homophobic bullshit. For the tolerant, selfish voter.

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Bill said...

Whilst I don't necessarily agree with all your commentary on these video propaganda efforts (specially the first! - lol) I think this is a noble effort and I admire your fortitude ;)

Bill said...

I've just watched all your embedded videos ... it's a tiresome job, but someone's gotta do it ... and notice that the 'Green Party' effort is, no doubt in accordance with their ecological policies, 'recycled' from the last general election as at the end voters are invited to 'vote on 1st May'.

You used the term 'production values' several times throughout your piece? What exactly does this mean if the mish-mash of moving hard-to-understand (for me at least) graphics is supposed to be agood example of it? I quite like the cartoons, but some of the words embedded in the graphics were VERY hard to see before the show moved on to the next gimmick - and that's how I'd really sum up this effort: 'gimmicky'. And I very much doubt if it came cheap either (even if it is recycled).

Most of the others - well, if a voter makes his/her choice influenced by these self-serving 'puff pieces' then he/she deserves all he/she gets. Although I certainly won't be voting for the 'Jury Team' they at least seem normal people - if rather focussed on the 'middle classes', so I doubt if anyone living in a deprived area could identify with them at all; I may basically be mildly right-of-centre in my views (libertarian really) but I did find that aspect of their piece rather jarring.

A lovely picure of the 'White Cliffs' in the last video; just a pity it has been used by that particular group - of course one can see the Scottish and Welsh versions of that particular brand of parochialism in SNP and Plaid election broadcasts.

A good effort to put all these in one place.