Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Politics Just Got Interesting

The corruption in Parliament is finally being brought to the fore and good Lord (Foulkes) they don't like it.

Lord Foulkes had the TEMERITY to denounce the salary of a BBC presenter who doesn't claim expenses and complain about democracy being undermined when he himself sits in a house of appointed Lords who are hand picked by the big wigs of their respective parties to represent the interests of those parties in the other place.

He complained that a member of our public broadcaster was being nearly twice the amount an MP is, when he himself has claimed in previous years as much as £145,692 in expenses!!!

Is this not another to make you sick? At least the Tories and the Lib Dems have the good conscious to be ashamed.

Indeed the Speaker of the House might do well to learn from some of their new found humbleness. His personal attacks against MPs who were trying to stand up for the interests of their constituents (across the spectrum) were foolish and disgusting.

Bring on the next General Election. It's time we sorted the wheat from the chaff.

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