Wednesday, 13 May 2009

I Squandered The Public Purse But Don't Be Homophobic!!!

Ben Bradshaw, a Labour MP who just happens to be gay, is playing the homophobia card and expecting equal treatment from the media in comparison to the likes of David Cameron.

And whilst I'll move on to the main point in a second one quote in this article really pissed me off:

"They have also referred to my partner as my boyfriend - did they refer to Samantha Cameron as David Cameron's girlfriend? All partners have shared income rights. The implication is gay people in civil partnerships are not equal."

Sorry Mr Bradshaw but the reason is simple. You are not MARRIED! You have entered into a civil partnership which is a form of segregation between straights and gays introduced by the Government you serve!! Gay marriage is not allowed in this country. Should you wish to have a husband I would advise you to seek a remedy to this disgusting situation! A partner is a person you enter in a business relationship, not someone whom you love and cherish dearly. For fucks sake. Even our gay MPs don't understand the concept of "separate but equal" (i.e. others are more equal than you) that was the basis of racial segregation in many countries until relatively recently and has now spread to us gays. Thanks Mr Bradshaw for being part of a discriminatory system.

Now... homophobia is not a concept to be used lightly. There are people in this world who die because of their sexuality, who suffer violence and abuse because of it, who are not even able to get married (thanks perhaps to people like Mr Bradshaw whom I expect voted in civil partnerships). They are suffering from homophobia. When a newspaper refers to your "civil partner" as your boyfriend, or treats your relationship as inferior to a married couple (which morally it is, because YOU DIDN'T STAND UP FOR GAY MARRIAGE), that is not homophobia. That is the newspaper understanding the difference between a real marriage and your Government santioned sham one, introduced to stop the gays complaining whilst keeping the religious woowoo brigade happy. Grow some balls, suck up the abuse, and PAY BACK YOUR EXPENSES. You get paid twice the national average wage, so stop asking for more money, simply claiming them was immoral whether or not you made a profit on them.

P.S. perhaps campaigning for gay marriage wouldn't go amiss either but I suspect he's too busy championing some other New Labour policy of more importance, like... erm... invading some other country for no reason. He seemed quite keen on that last time.

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Bear said...

Very well said! Now - how can we get Bradders to read it...?