Monday, 18 May 2009

I Squandered The Public Purse But Don't Be Homophobic!!! Part 2

This time it's Chris Bryant, following in Ben Bradshaw's footsteps, who has cried "But I'm GAY!" as a reasonable excuse to take tax payers money for his second home.

I am obviously disgusted that the Rt Hon. Chris Bryant had his home attacked by homophobes. But should this be used as an excuse? NO! Why? Because Mr Bryant is a MP and he can reasonably expect police protection from this sort of abuse. But instead of sticking it out, like a man, he decides to take OUR money to protect himself. Way for standing up against the homophobes there. Let's just give in to them and move somewhere safe! Great idea, very noble.

I just did a check on TheyWorkForYou and Chris Bryant doesn't appear to have EVER suggested putting some our tax payers money towards protecting gay Iraqis from their own police. This is obviously a mistake on my part because a privileged man in his position is surely far less vulnerable than these needy folks, so I look forward to him putting me correct. Also, based on my findings there, he seemed very much in favour of the "separate but equal" civil partnerships, equating them to gay marriage, but didn't pursue the point. Perhaps he might wish to put a bill before Parliament demanding a redress to the obviously unequal status of marriage in this country forthwith before he starts screaming "I had to, the homophobes made me do it".

How many more times must I say it: HOMOPHOBIA is not an excuse for immoral behaviour. In fact, using it as such an excuse is beyond despicable. People are DYING for their right to love right now and we're getting a bit of graffiti and taking tax payers money to defend ourselves. What sort of image is that presenting???

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