Thursday, 7 May 2009

The Trouble With Twitter

God I hate jumping on a bandwagon. Seems that since Twitter reached saturation point a couple of months ago, "everyone" (for which read "moany old gits") has been complaining about it.

And really there's nothing wrong with it. The site is great, the principle of microblogging is no less worthy than blogging. But the problem is the users. The simplicity of the interface and the concept means that most of the time is spent with people "RTing" (retweeting) other people's tweets. The rest of the time a lot of people become so convinced that they are going to be media moguls that they are tweeting links to just about any story on the net they see. No need for interesting comment or a reason for the link. Just post the link and story title.

Tweets about what you had for breakfast are a common complaint among the naysayers but personally I think it's those tweets that are most amusing and relevant. Tweeting what you are doing or reading or moaning about is interesting. Tweeting for attention, or just to post links is a little more than just annoying. It's abusing the whole concept.

I was already following very few people and I'm about to wield the axe on a few more retweeters and on those posting links to story like "Cat caught up tree in Little Rock Colorado". I have no use for them.

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