Saturday, 9 May 2009

Sleaze Isn't Just A Labour issue

It spreads across the whole spectrum of politics in this country, and so stories like this one annoy me. The media is only ever interested when there are leaks or when it can be used to bludgeon an already on it's knees Government. Why? Because they are in on it too.

And the worst thing is then all these people going "they are all the same, don't know why we bother voting" blah blah blah blah. Well mate, if you think that MAKE A STAND. Put yourself up for election. Make a difference. Do something. I vote, I sometimes campaign (alright, not since the 2005 election but I've moved to a new area and been busy). I'm thinking of standing for council next election just to try to show decent, sensible people can stand and not be there just for the sake of personal arrogance/ambition/corruption.

Don't lose faith in politics just because politicians are corrupt. That's always been the case. We just need to keep badgering them in good times and bad to keep the weak and stupid ones on the right track.

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