Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Articles That Hark Back To A Golden Age Of Gay Sicken Me

Respectability is the new closet according to Mark Simpson. He seems to believe that heterosexuals are a decent bunch of boring baby makers whilst gays are the evergreen rebels having sex to smite these paragons of virtue. I believe Mr Simpson may live in a fairy land. If he hasn't noticed few heterosexuals get up to anything remotely approaching respectable or decent or even boring. Why? Because, like us homos, they are human beings who fuck, who fart and who do things that one shouldn't really write about in public.

As humans those who enjoy same sex relations come in all shapes and sizes. Some are slutty, some are boring, some are sick, some are vanilla. To believe that seeking equal status among all humans (in the eyes of the law at least) is somehow to remove some of the fun or glamour out of the lifestyles of certain elements of society is to demote freedom to become a slave of fashion.

If gay marriage became legal, something I think would at least be a move in the right direction although I think we should set our sights upon total marriage freedom for all, it would not stop those who wish to continue sleeping around from doing so, or stop those who wish to live in a gay ghetto from doing just that. I was there once too, I loved it! I enjoyed the seedier side of things, the random sex, the thrill of the scene. But my tastes changed. Does that mean I betrayed my sexuality? No. It just means I wanted something else. Not better. Not worse. Not more respectable. Just different. And I want the freedom to do just as anyone else can. Marry, live my own life, be an equal citizen of the United Kingdom. Is that putting myself in a closet? NO!

The only closet I see around here is the one Mark thinks all gay men and women should be thrown into: his own monochrome, and imaginary, version of the gay scene (which in reality is itself amazingly diverse and interesting). Well sorry Mr Simpson but we are all different and to believe that that one sort of lifestyle will suit us all is equivalent to suggesting everyone should drive a black Ford Mondeo just because you think that's the best car in the world. It's self centred, and pretty daft.

Although it is fun to imagine demanding lifestyles of certain groups. Mmm... all bodybuilders should NEVER wear clothes. All people who like to talk on mobile phones in public toilets should lie down in the middle of the road and die. Hmm... we could go on for days...

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