Thursday, 11 June 2009

UKIP Sure Knows How To Pick It's Candidates

If they are not stealing the public's money then UKIPs candidates for election are linking gay people to paedophilia. What a nice man Mr Mike Mendoza is! But more tellingly he thinks gay people don't like football.

I don't think Mike Mendoza (UKIP candidate for Hove's Goldsmid ward, and possibly PPC for Hove) is prejudiced. I believe he just lacks intelligence and has a rather limited set of life experiences. One need only to walk past most gay pubs (as opposed to the more nightclubby bars) during a big footie match and you will find it busy with fans (just the other weekend I saw our local Ye Olde Rose and Crown filled to overflowing during a match). I remember during the World Cup 2006 squashing into the old Ku Bar on Charing Cross road with a bunch of gay guys watching a match, there was no way to get to the bar, no more than a foot of space between the screen and the front of the crowd (oh, who needs memories when I blogged about it!). Now I hate football. I can't stand it. I prefer rugby myself, I'm not a crazy rugby fan but I certainly enjoy watching it over a nice pint of cider.

I certainly know plenty of gay guys who follow football, who love it, who even attend their local teams obscure fixtures. Let's not even start on lesbians and how many of them love football!!

So we are left to believe Mr Mendoza is just extremely dumb. Why are UKIP allowing him to run? Do they have an equal opportunity policy for the stupid? Can they not find someone who doesn't think your sexual preference influences your love of sport or immediately mean you have a liking for children? UKIP describe themselves as a libertarian party, and obviously Mr Mendoza is just living by that ideal of being free to express his views. I support that. But really should UKIP be putting him forward as a candidate when his views are so obviously wrong? He didn't lie, he just hasn't got a clue. What other things in life, more important things, is this man also ignorant of? Not the best person to represent the good people of Hove, me thinks.

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Jason said...

I'm here and I'm queer and I love football. !!!!

Jae said...

See what I mean!! :D