Sunday, 7 June 2009

The English Democrats: Reasonable Nationalists?

The English Democrats say on their FAQs:

Politically our policies are neither left nor right. We have a commitment to a mixed economy, but also require protection for the vulnerable and would advocate developing public ownership policies for key strategic industries. We are implacably opposed to globalisation, economies based on "cheap labour" and the offshoring of English jobs.

That is certainly laudable. They also state:

"English & Proud" - that's what English Democrats are - why should it be implied that you are a "Bigot" or a "Racist" simply because you are proud of your Country - we English Democrats are simply pro English.

Here, here I say. Being patriotic for one's country (even if I don't agree on the semantics here) should never be considered racist. But then, why are they allowing the England First Party to hang out at their conferences?

England First has as their first part of their brief/manifesto (sic) the following:

1. Stop all further immigration and start a programme of voluntary repatriation of non-European immigrants back to their lands of ancestral origin

Erm... that's racist (or racialist depending on how one likes to use these words). That's really racist. "Ancestral origin"? There's being against multiculturalism and then there's being against people because of their "origin". They are rather different things both in reality and in moral terms.

But not only does the England First Party offer it's support to the English Democrat candidates in some elections (something the EDs are powerless to stop), it also is allowed to speak at ED conferences. They even get photo ops with the parties European election candidates!! See here for pictures!

I hope the EDs have issued a firm denunciation of the close relations with the EFP, otherwise their claims to be tolerant English patriots who are neither of the left or right spectrum's of politics are really very hollow indeed.

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Quiet_Man said...

The EFP are the one reason why I didn't vote English Democrat in the EU election. They are the worst kind of ethnic nationalists (as opposed to civic nationalists) and oddly enough even the BNP think they are racist!

Jae said...

The BNP think they are racist? Oh the irony.

Anonymous said...

You guys don't deserve an English Party.

You should hold your head in shame.

Look what the English Democrats have achieved in Doncaster.

Jae said...

I should hang my head in shame? Because I refuse to support a party that endorses a party that wishes to "voluntarily" repatriate my friends and colleagues for no other reason than the colour of their skin?

No Mr "Anonymous". It is the supporters of the English Democrats who should hang their heads in shame.

And the Mayor of Doncaster? He loves to spin things doesn't he? The other day his administration claimed to have closed down a politically correct group, when in fact it had been closed down 3 years ago (check out the Private Eye for info)! He is no better than any other mediocre politician.

Anonymous said...

I am an English Democrat. There that's said. However, any party suggesting mass repatriatioin is out of their head. Regrettably, any movement has it's nutters on the fringes - just wait till Labour crash and burn in the next election to see what will come out from under a stone.

The EDs are from England and all those that live in the country. Any talk of limiting immigration is based purely upon us now being the second most crowded nation in the world at the same time as we become one of the most indebted first world countries.

The Mayor of Doncaster is a breath of fresh air after the creepos we have suffered over the years. If politicians had listened to the majority instead of narrow minority interest groups perhaps he wouldn't have the position we have now. He is simply saying what half the country are saying - you should see his mail.

Anonymous said...

"... the second most crowded nation in the world ..."

True, if you ignore the 51 most crowded nations above England. Still why let facts get in the way of a good lie.