Saturday, 6 June 2009

English Democrats: BNP Lite

You know I don't agree with taxpayers money being used on frivolous things (such as gay pride parades) so you might think that when the newly elected Mayor of Doncaster said he was withdrawing funding from gay pride I would be quite pleased. Sadly his entire manner and the policies of his nationalist party, the English Democrats, suggest that this was not a decision brought about because of economical shrewdness but from a prejudiced position. And a good decision made for bad reasons is not something we should applaud as such bad reasoning can have ramifications in the future that are not so acceptable.

Peter Davies, of the English Democrats, said: "My policy on gays and lesbians is very simple.

"I don't think councils should be spending money on them parading through town advertising their sexuality."

Nice way of putting it there. Why did he not say "My policy on community events in Doncaster is that they are for the organisers and supporters to fund, whilst my administration has a duty to ensure taxpayers money is only spent on things that are practical and beneficial for all the residents of Doncaster"? Because he is not formulating a sound policy but scoring political points with his core constituency of backward, regressive idiots.

I look forward to him NOT paying for the almost inevitable St. Georges Day parade next year. Because otherwise this decision will be nothing but a case of homophobia rather than sound governance.

Here's a hint for English "Democrats". Next time don't have a policy on "gays and lesbians". Why the heck would you need one unless you were either biased towards or against them? Personally I think political parties should start treating the GLBT community as ordinary citizens and get over all this stupid posturing.

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Quiet_Man said...

He's the mayor, that's his policy, the council itself isn't an English democrat one so he can't speak for them.

Jae said...

I don't quite understand your point. I was not mentioning Doncaster council, only the English Democrat party and the English Democrat Mayor. Sorry if it was inferred otherwise.

Charles said...

Well - the point is his message was supported by enough people to elect him.

You may not like it, but have you sked yourself why people may be feeling this frustrated? That is the real problem - the mayor's words are merely the symptom.

Charles said...

drat - 'asked yourself" sorry about that.

Alfie said...

Presumably his policy has also applied to the Hetrosexual Pride parade - which is guaranteed not to happen in Doncaster again this year (as with every other year)..

And your comment about the English Democrats being 'BNP Lite'? When I meet them again, I'll be sure to tell the many members of the party from ethnic minorities, that you obviously know better.....

If you want to see some truly heavy BNP facsist activity - I suggest you take a butchers at New Labour's treatment of England. No national democracy, no First Minister (other than the member for Kirkcaldy, obviously), no national expression of culture allowed (except under a Brit' ident', obviously) and the least spent per head of any of the people of the UK (even now, New Labour are busy bribing the DUP with guarantees of lots more cash to Northern Ireland providing they vote for them at the next cliffhanger division), tuition fees, prescription charges, means testing for residential care for old people, etc, etc.....

National democracy - don't ya just love it? I just wish we had some... Or am I being a bit too ooh err missus BNP Lite there?

Jae said...

No I don't understand why people are so frustrated. I could understand if it was about public money being spent on a gay pride parade, but I get the feeling the problem is not that but the actual parade itself.

Is anyone stopping Heterosexual pride? I'm not! Have at it, I think it's a great idea (as long as it's not taxpayer funded!). Get on and organise it. Invite me!

Erm... exactly how does a members ethnic origin allow them to know better? What a silly notion.

And if you want to talk to the "ethnic minority" members of the EDs show them the photos from and see if they are happy for their party to hang out with a bunch of racists who are against the very basic tenet of freedom of belief.

I'm an atheist and even I am not proposing banning all non "native" religions unlike the EDs good friends the EFP.

P.S. I hate New Labour and pretty much all they've done to the United Kingdom. Why you brought them up is beyond me.