Sunday, 19 July 2009

Save OUR World

A lot of the opposition to environmentalism seems to fall around climate change, Government policy and sometimes weirdo religious beliefs (thankfully that last one is a tiny minority but you know how I spend too much time reading up on fundies, it skews my way of looking at things).

It's really rather frustrating. Whilst us well to do Westerners debate over the merits of being a little more environmentally friendly, and usually involve that debate with other "culture" conflicts, people are dying. Not from climate change. Not from rising sea levels or weird weather. But from loggers KILLING them to ensure no one interferes in their unscrupulous activities. The uncontacted tribes of South America are at risk of not just losing their way of life, but of being literally killed off because of greedy people who have no idea about the irrepairable damage they are doing to our world and to the world of those few tribes who continue to live their lives in the Amazon.

Thankfully some Governments take things seriously such as here in Peru. I just wish that people on both sides of the environmentalist debate would just stop arguing over climate change and what the Government should be doing. Screw the Governments of the Western world. The population of our countries will never let them do what needs to be done even if they wanted to. It's time we just pull our fingers out and give money to charities and organisations who can help make a difference now. I will, hopefully, return to giving 5% of my wages to charity by the end of the year. If we all did that we could do so much good.

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