Friday, 3 July 2009

Labour's Homophobic Shame

So Wednesday we saw New Labour's gay enabler's (Stonewall to you and me) true colours, as we saw they preferred to be uncontroversial rather than continue to fight for the rights of the gay people they pretend to represent. Now New Labour's gay big hitters have come out throwing insults at the Tories and their homophobic record.

Well I'm no fan of the Tories. You couldn't get me to vote Tory for love nor money (alright, a night with Spartan off Gladiators might cut it...). I think their history on homosexuality is appalling.

However, it makes me sick to see Ben Bradshaw and Chris Bryant attacking the Tories for homophobia when their own party (AND THEMSELVES!) has failed to propose or vote upon full gay marriage. They have the power to champion gay marriage. They are ministers in our current Government. They have not. So they should keep their mouths shut and, dare I say it, lay off the Tories. I'm a Lib Dem and my party don't support gay marriage either, and that is to the Lib Dems shame but I'm not a member of the front bench team so I don't have the same level of influence. I even have to say that given the work David Cameron has put in the Tories ALMOST have a right to be angry too. Based on my personal experience in Kent, most gay guys are actually Tories so maybe Labour should try to avoid alienating them even further!

As Peter Tatchell says in this article, Gordon Brown condemned Prop. 8 banning same sex marriage in California despite the fact we don't have it here!!! Sickening.

P.S. I apologise, I'm becoming a Peter Tatchell Guardian comment whore aren't I?

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