Sunday, 5 July 2009

Christians Must Repent And Change

Bishop says gays must repent and be changed

The Bishop of Rochester just can't help putting his foot directly into his mouth. Rather than being Christ like, rather than seeking to unite, he acts like a Pharisee desperate to break apart the Anglican Communion over small and unimportant rules from the Old Testament that Jesus never even bothered to care about. Shall we all wear only on type of cloth. sow our fields with only one sort of seed etc.? Does the Bishop eat shellfish? I hope not.

I'm not a Christian, I'm an atheist but there is little I admire more than someone living a Christ like existence. Sadly these people are few and far between ESPECIALLY among the clergy. If their God truly exists I believe people like the Bishop of Rochester have a nasty surprise in store for them. But my beliefs tell me they won't even get the punishment they deserve in the after life so I suggest we just get them sacked and force them to get real jobs so that more worthy individuals get a chance to lead their eager to believe flocks.

I will not repent of being a nice, decent person who falls in love with people of my own sex because there is NOTHING wrong with that. It is just as natural as being left handed. Being a bishop, on the other hand, is the construction of the human mind and is as natural as being a racing car driver or a interior decorator.. i.e. not very natural at all.

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Royal trader said...

but you hear these words that christians must change time to time, don't you think?

Antony said...

It annoys me how they claim to speak for god!


A x