Saturday, 4 July 2009

Nick Clegg Acknowledges The Fight For Gay Marriage

Today is both gay pride day here in London (which I shan't be going to, maybe next year but seeing Mrs Brown walking at the front of the parade whilst her husband fails to acknowledge our rights to equality would probably make me too angry to enjoy the rest of the day) and Independence Day in the USA. Whilst our LGBT friends in America continue the fight for gay marriage equality, over here we've sort of given up.

After yesterday's post where I slurred the Lib Dems good name by suggesting they didn't support gay marriage, I was pleased to be proven wrong by Nick Clegg's assertion on Labour List that civil partnerships are not fair and that until LGBT people can marry each other we are not equal. Nick Clegg proves me wrong once again, and I appreciate it!!

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Antony said...

Go Nick Clegg, about time someone realised.


A x