Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Favourite Fundie Quote EVER

Atheists, how did leap year occur? While computing the days of rotation of earth around sun, one extra day..?
..was found which could not be adjusted since it wasn't a full day. So, the extra day was called a leap day which was added to every consecutive fourth year. Now, how did this occur? Where did this extra day come from?

In Bible, it says in the book of Joshua that God stopped Sun in the sky which did not move until Israelites won a war. It means, the rotation of the earth was stopped for sometime, which caused extra time requirement for the earth to finish its regular rotation around the sun, thus causing extra time added to the whole period of 365 days.

You see, everything is true in Bible when scientifically explore each of its incidents. Source: FSTDT

Brilliant stuff, and if you do not understand why this is amusing, this might help.

Simple answer: Units of time were created by man. And we created them wrongly. Hence the necessary correction.

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