Thursday, 13 November 2008

It's Not The Criminals! It's the council's fault!

Yeah... that's the media's current bias. There have been numerous tragic cases of child abuse across the country over the last few millenia years, but instead of blaming the parents the current tack seems to be blaming the "failures" of councils and authorities to protect these children.

Sorry guys, but these council, and other services, staff members are paid abysmally, suffer huge workloads and are human beings. They are not in a position to protect every at risk child, let alone all the other at risk people out there. Sometimes I wonder about people... do the people who work in at the newspapers and in the other media not realise just how many case files are open at any one point on anti-social behaviour, child abuse, drug abuse, domestic violence, homelessness etc etc etc. Hundreds of thousands? More than likely. How many people are in care, or in need or care? Millions? Probably not, but also probably not far off. These folks and these cases are hidden and ignored until the media decides he wants to scapegoat some folks.

Where is the outrage about the fact that people in this country are so focussed on their own selfish existences that they don't even give a damn for the unfortunates unless they happen to be dead children? Isn't that the truly disturbing thing? Right now, think about the people living in your street. Have you checked up on them today? Have you spent any time wondering about whether the children next door are safe? No... then you have no right to criticise those who are desperately, and valiantly, trying to balance budgets, workloads and "complicated client relationships" (the insane, the violent and the irritating) whilst also trying to watch out for those in need.

Until we give care, social housing and support services the powers and money they need we shall continue to suffer the same problems over and over.

Now if you want somebody to blame let's trying blaming the people responsible for the deaths of these children... most of whom strangely enough also were the ones with the true responsibility of care; their parents. As a colleague said earlier... lock them up and throw away the key.

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