Wednesday, 12 November 2008

"British 'is as offensive as negro'"

An organisation headed by Ron Davies has put out a leaflet warning people to be careful using the term "British" in case it offends some and suggests referring to people in that annoying American style as "British Asians". I'm not "White British", it offends me when organisations suggest I am, and I'd hope those of other races would also be offended by being "separate but equal" in this weird way of classification. I'm just British so I say the following:

Fuck you Ron Davies. We always knew you were a self hating bastard. After you were caught cruising for sex in public, you failed to defend yourself and your freedoms and instead belittled those of us who believe in freedom and LIED to the police about what you were up to.

Now he "warns that 'the idea of British implies a false sense of unity'." NO! It aspires to a sense of unity. I'm sorry if aspiration to something better than sectarian, nationalistic rhetoric is something that offends you. But then as you are already known to lie to police officers I'm hardly surprised that you'd also be in favour of spreading disunity among the peoples of this island.

Some of us believe in a future of continued peaceful coexistence of the many peoples of our islands. Others dream of hiding in darkness with those who are like them, scared to come out into the Sun. I know which is the future I desire.


Shea said...

didn't know that the term british is deragatory, is English, scottish, etc offensive too???

Reverend Loy said...

You know I was just wondering the other day if any other countries used the same habit of hyphenating its citizens (by the way I agree. It is an annoying habit). Now I guess I have an answer.

I'm an American, plain and simple. I just happen to be a descendant of African slaves. To refer to myself in that way is not only living in the past but also too long to vocalize.

I feel the exact way in being called an "African American." I used to answer that I was simply an "American" until I realized that some of the Politically Correct get really upset if I call them on it.

Sorry for rambling, love the blog.