Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Don't Gloat Over The BNP Membership List Being Published

That would be mean and cruel. Everyone deserves the right to privacy even if it is very amusing to see so called "British Lions" terrified at the idea of people finding out what political party they belong too. Certainly showing the sort of bravery I'd expect of spineless racist scum.

Let us instead gloat on a little titbit that the gormless traitor Nick Griffin has revealed:

In a statement on the party's website, Mr Griffin said he had lodged a complaint with Dyfed-Powys Police on the grounds that the publication breached human rights and data protection laws.

He told the BBC's the party would be using the Human Rights Act to try to protect the identities of its members, despite the BNP being against the European legislation.

Is that not the most amusing piece of hypocrisy?? A party whose raison-d'etre is to remove human rights from others not like them is using their least liked piece of legislation to protect it's own members.

Racists, and those with a limited understanding of the concept of British citizenship (something I'm sure you're well aware I believe should not be based on nationality or ethnicity), are traitors whose efforts are in direct opposition to the efforts of our country during the war to fight the Nazis and ensure we did not fall into, as Winston Churchill called it, "the abyss of a new Dark Age". That is what they would represent to our country... a new Dark age, and we must thus ensure we do not sit back and allow their hypocrisy and their cowardice to go unremarked upon.

As a Brit who stands removed from both nationalism and racism, there is little I despise more than the British National Party

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