Monday, 10 November 2008


I really wish I could have a conversation with one of those people who wish to deny me my rights. So many hide here on the internet or when I do meet them in my daily life pretend they like me and then, stupidly, whisper behind my back as if somehow that wouldn't get back to me (they never seem to imagine that the people they are talking to not only disagree with them but are in fact my friends...). Are they scared I might beat them up?

I remember once just after Kallie started at my old job. She's Canadian and one of the nicest people around, and she was sat next to another new girl (whose name I've wiped from my memory). The girl was a born again Christian from California. This girl turned to Kallie and started telling her the dos and don'ts of the office. Don't insult that guy over there, he's the founder of the company. Do take as much Diet Coke from the fridge as you want, it's free. Oh and be careful because Jason is a.... homosexual. Kallie of course, despite not really knowing me beyond the fact I'd trained her up, came up to me quickly as she was disturbed by the insinuation and told me she was pretty annoyed someone would assume she'd even care. I, of course, laughed it off but was surprised when later that day that same girl asked me to help her get home as she was a little confused (and she'd remain so every day of her time here) about London. So of course I did, thinking to myself all the time, as she chatted on about her wedding and her future blah blah blah, what a fucking hypocrite she was.

I often wonder what she was telling Kallie to be careful of. Was she scared I'd... steal Kallie's boyfriend? Worried I might molest her unborn children? WHAT COULD I POSSIBLY DO TO HARM KALLIE???

Name was Jackie. I knew I'd remember it... I wish I'd asked her at the time but I'm British and thus too polite to.

The Christians rail against homosexuality with arguments so well worn it's hardly worth retorting with the counter argument. Conservatives fight against gay marriage on the flimsiest of grounds as if two men marrying might have ANY affect on a sexually secure heterosexual.

Any homophobes out there who fancy a coffee and a chat? I don't bite, and I seriously just want to ask some questions, don't even want to debate. I just want to know what is going on in your heads... because I find it fascinating...

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