Monday, 24 November 2008

Escorts And Cocaine

You know I'm a libertarian. If you want to go snorting cocaine like an idiot or PAYING for sex (I'm no adonis but paying for sex is something I've never had to do, honestly gay men are easy!) then who am I to tell you not to?

But things like Boy George's latest controversy really annoy me. All that drama, it's all very... gay. Reminds me of the unfortunately deceased Peter from my old work who seemed to thrive on the "drama" of his life (p.s. his boyfriend was a lawyer by day, a cocaine addict by night... nice) Personally I hate all that rubbish... drugs, escorts, sleaziness are all big turn offs for me. Give me the understated, shy good boy every time. Wholesomeness is so attractive.

Maybe I should start the gay men against drama group? ;)

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