Friday, 21 November 2008

Gay Fascists

No I'm not talking about some prissy queens down the local gay bar who police the attire and attitude of any chicken or newbie who happens to troll inside. I'm talking about fascists, who happen to be gay.

Last month Jörg Haider died in a crash, allegedly as he drove away from a gay bar slightly inebriated. He was famous as a former leader of the Austrian Freedom Party and as a neo-Fascist. There's something that doesn't sit right with me that a man could be a member of a xenophobic organisation and who could controversially occasionally praise some of Nazi Germany's policies and yet be gay as well. Forgetting about the sheer morality of it, surely the fact his policies are watered down versions of the policies of a regime that incarcerated, tortured and murdered thousands of gay men would make you think "Hmm... as someone who likes a bit of that sort of thing maybe I don't want to get involved with that sort of organisation"?

But then you have the more difficult to label Pim Fortuyn of the Netherlands. He distanced himself from the far right but was a very virulent anti immigration campaigner before his untimely death (p.s. gay, xenophobic people seem to meet untimely deaths). How can someone who understands prejudice be prejudiced against others for something they can't control, such as the place of their birth? It's something that's always baffled me about homophobic members of ethnic minorities. I just want to shake them and scream "You are a person who others regard with hate simply because of the colour of your skin and you DARE judge me because of who I sleep with??"

Ernst Röhm, the biggie, a Nazi higher up and in charge of the infamous SA. What was he thinking? I mean really, what was he thinking? Sure he died before the Holocaust but still, really, the Nazi party?? Head of the heavies no less! The one's who helped beat up opponents. Nice.

Now sure, you can't connect homosexuality with an inclination towards fascism. There's way too many heterosexuals with blood on their hands for that. But it does confuse me.

When I was a teenager and denying my sexuality I allowed myself to embrace Christianity, the Conservative Party and a low level form of racism (the type found in the Sun or the Daily Mail). When I finally admitted my sexuality I realised what an utter arsehole I was being embracing things that were based on hatred. I know, it took a big dose of "Oh God now I'm the one being hated" to finally knock some sense into me, but at least I got the good sense to change my beliefs and that is one of the reasons I love being gay. In fact during my descent out of religion I even conceived that maybe God maybe me gay just to teach me humility and respect for others whoever they might be. So I just don't understand gay men being such haters... but I see it all the time. My first boyfriend Stephen hated people of different races and I remember once breaking off a date after my date revealed his deep hatred of black people and an undeclared love for Margaret Thatcher.

You just have to accept that everyone is a jerk in one way or another...

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