Sunday, 1 July 2007

Terrorism? Amatuerism more like!

As Britain is attacked once again I have to say one thing... these terrorists are pretty darn amatuerish.

So you attempt a terrorist attack with the expectation that you are going to die... so you don't bother to destroy your phone records, nor hide any evidence. Instead you expect it all to be destroyed when your car explodes. Is that not the most foolish thing you've ever heard?

These guys have destroyed their entire terror cell because they didn't even consider that they might fail and be captured. Which makes me feel a whole lot safer... terrorists are, by their very nature, stupid. There doesn't appear to be any master criminal behind this particular cell.

As I often do I switched on Fox News for a laugh... and sheesh they provided it. The presenters expressed shock when talking with their British correspondent that no one was in a panic. A panic? Because two car attacks didn't even get off the ground and one spectacularly failed? Are they mad?

Britain has been under terrorist attack for many years. We had a break but now it's business as usual. No one is going to panic over a few Muslim extremists. Previously we had to deal with armed insurrectionists (partially funded by the Americans!)... we'll be fine dealing with this rag tag band of amatuers.


Baralai said...

well they didnt even have to kill anyone to make a big impact on the country did they? two unexploaded car bombs and the country spends millions on increased security. They are attacking the country much more effectavly than by killing half a dozen innocent people.

Jae said...

That's not the terrorists doing... that's the Governments.