Saturday, 21 July 2007

New Statesman And The Self Proclaimed Psychotherapist

I am all for freedom of speech, but I am also for clear indications of vested interests and careful wording of job descriptions to ensure full disclosure.

I think the article that is in the New Statesman must have been hurridly sort from Mr Richard Cohen as a way of balancing out the pro gay statements in some of the other articles in the magazine. I'm all for balance. However I have one major problem... his job description...

About the writer

Psychotherapist Richard Cohen is a leading expert in the field of sexual reorientation and the author of Coming Out Straight and Gay Children, Straight Parents. He is the director of the International Healing Foundation, located in the Washington, DC area.

Psychotherapist? So he must have some sort of qualification then?

Cohen is not a licensed therapist. We were told by the licensing agencies in Maryland that the term “psychotherapist” was essentially meaningless. According to them, one can hang a sign out in that state claiming to do psychotherapy and be completely within the law as long as one does not diagnose and treat from the DSM. As noted above, however, Cohen is spreading his odd techniques via others by training them, presumably for a fee.

Source: Ex-Gay Watch

In fact he has been permanently banned from the American Counseling Association. The word psychotherapist is misleading (in my opinion, anyway). Expert? Well I'll let you decide on that one... here's one of his articles..

And here he is on my favourite TV show... The Daily Show at Crooks and Liars.

I was going to discredit Richard Cohen here but I feel the links on this page do that perfectly well. It's the editors at New Statesman who need to be discredited. How can they publish a description of him without doing even a tiny bit of research on who he is and the debacles he has had when dealing with the media such as on The Daily Show and CNN.

Check out Wikipedia for more info.

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