Friday, 27 July 2007

The Tories: Homophobic Shadow Cabinet Shocker!

It's hardly unexpected news to hear that the Lib Dems did a survey and found 80% of the Tory Shadow Cabinet to have voted anti gay.

I agree with their statement:

David Cameron's 21st Century rhetoric can't hide his party's 19th Century principles.

The Tories are an old fashioned party lost and disenchanted in a new and scary world.

And the Tory response?

The Liberal Democrats have got their facts wrong. David Cameron abstained in the vote on section 28, he supports gay adoption and he has said civil partnerships should be recognised in the tax system.

The Conservative Party has campaigned for equal treatment for the gay community and on the 40th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality we should be celebrating what has been achieved since, not playing petty politics with this issue.

The Conservative Party has campaigned for equal treatment for the gay community? Since when? 2005??? Big whoop! It makes me sick to read bloody preposterous statements like that from the party that did so much harm to the gay community in the eighties.

And the facts? David Cameron DID vote against part of the Section 28 repeal and abstain one other vote later that evening (probably had to catch a train home!). Hardly a ringing endorsement. And his votes in support of gay adoption? NON EXISTENT!

Check out his gay rights record at They Work For You. I know... I was hoping too much expecting truth from Tories. Imagine that!

And then, on a more personal note, we have the tale of the gay dad sentenced to jail for coming out to his nine year old son and "exposing" him to his long term partner.

I am that partner (no not the exact partner, you know what I mean!). Jim has 4 children and his 8 year old son is aware of our relationship (as far as an 8 year old can be!). I couldn't imagine a time that lying to your child is better than honesty. What a messed up divorce case (no wonder they divorced if his ex wife is that crazy). See his campaign myspace page for more.

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