Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Tories Ponder Social Engineering

Now I've always thought that if you have to give people incentives or disincentives to encourage or discourage behaviour then those people probably aren't worth the effort. Good things (such as being courteous or not killing people) are so self evidently good that to not do them suggests a corrupt or idiotic mind beyond redemption.

The Tories disagree. They suggest we incentivize people to follow paths which they think are good (for example "marriage") and use punitive taxes to disuade people from such things as binge drinking.

Now... I don't cause members of the public trouble when I'm drunk and I've got private medical insurance so my drinking will not be a burden on the NHS so why on Earth should I have to pay higher taxes for my vices??? It's not like I go and buy drugs off some dodgy fellow who probably uses his ill gotten gains to cause further social problems (on a completely unrelated note, doesn't David Cameron strike you as a good, honest person who would never take illegal substances?)

The Tories speak of a broken Britain, well they are the ones who broke it. Now bugger off and leave the rest of us to muddle through clearing up your mess.

Oh and the marriage thing... all that giving married people a tax break will do is force the poor to marry just to save some money. That's what the incentive will do and said marraiges will be hellish and brutal in a hell of a lot of cases. Maybe Government should keep it's noses out of peoples private life.

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