Thursday, 12 July 2007

BBC Apologises To The Queen

I don't know if you caught the story on BBC News before they apologised but it was entitled something like "Queen storms out of portrait sitting". This was based on a new documentary about the Queen where the BBC had privileged access to the Royal Household.

A couple of hours later we get an apology from the BBC regarding a trailer for the same programme which suggested the Queen had stormed off just like the previous story which has disappeared.

So this leads me to believe 1 of 2 situations. 1) The Queen has pressured the BBC into apologising in which case the BBC needs to grow some balls! or, more likely, 2) The BBC lied about what happened in order to get more viewers and then reported it as news. In that case I think someone at the BBC needs to be fired, like yesterday.

The Queen has never struck me as someone who'd get overly emotional in front of television cameras...


sibonetic said...

Either way, it just doesn't strike me as news, I have absolulte no interest in whether or not the Queen got in a tizzy several months ago over a photograph. Whether true or not, what is most disgraceful is that the BBC is reporting tittle tattle on a News programme, when it is really a trailer for one of their other programmes. How about the BBC reporting things that really matter.

Jae said...

I absolutely agree. Of late I've noticed a hell of a lot of stories appearing on there that turn out to just be promotions for one of their documentaries. I'm just glad this one came back to bite them on the arse.