Thursday, 28 June 2007

A New Cabinet

Gordon Brown has selected his new cabinet and you know what? I think it looks pretty good!

Ruth Kelly has been moved away from the Community portfolio which means we can all stop worrying about conflicts of interest between her religion and her equality duties. I think she'll do well at transport.

There are lots of fresh faces and I'm really hopeful that we are going to see some changes in the way the Government works over the next few weeks.


sibonetic said...

To be honest, I can't see the point of Ruth Kelly, what place does a member of an extreme right wing sect (the Catholic Church) have in an allegedly progressive political party, she was hopelessly out of her depth in education, a dangerous reactionary and sick joke as Minister for equality. I really can't see her making the trains run on time.

Jae said...

Being progressive is about allowing people to have their own religious views. Only where said persons views might conflict with their job might it become an issue.

She is young and enthusiastic. Give her a chance, but if she fails then hopefully she'll be promptly fired rather than reshuffled.

sibonetic said...

Sorry, Jae, love your blog, but still don't get the Ruth Kelly thing.

I don't see how someone can be a member of an organisation, which actively seeks to deny human rights to Gay people, whose answer to the problems of Africa is to deny Africans access to contraception, a group who collaborated with the Nazi's in the war, who would force people to remain in marriages however unhappy by denying them a divorce, finds those views compatible with membership of the Labour Party. Her beliefs might be compatible with the 'family values' sect of the Tory party, but they are wholly incompatible with the Labour Party.

It's like saying privately I believe in the BNP, but because I want to be in the government I am also a member of the Labour Party.

I have to say there are some really talented young Politian’s in Gordon Brown's new Cabinet, I just don't happen to think Ruth Kelly is one of them.