Monday, 2 August 2010

WikiLeaks, Pakistan and the Prime Minister

David Cameron is coming under increasing pressure over his comments, made last week, with regards to Pakistan. He said:

"We should be very, very clear with Pakistan that we want to see a strong, stable and democratic Pakistan.

"We cannot tolerate in any sense the idea that this country is allowed to look both ways and is able, in any way, to promote the export of terror, whether to India or whether to Afghanistan or anywhere else in the world."

Whilst some may argue it wasn't diplomatic, I'm somewhat concerned people appear to be siding with Pakistan over the very basic facts.

Cameron's comments follow on from the recent WikiLeaks scandal. In the "WarLogs" released by WikiLeaks, there was plenty of evidence showing the US is concerned about Pakistan's actions.

The criticism of Pakistan has been wide ranging and from vastly different quarters (India, Bangladesh, Iran, and the USA). Can we perhaps have a bit more "Let's look at the evidence" and a bit less "who cares about state sponsored terrorism, let's just bash David Cameron for being a loudmouth"?

Of course Pakistan deny the truth of what has been said (as the US likes to over attacks on Pakistani territory by it's war drones) but are we really shocked that the country that helped prop up the Taliban might be the same one still helping them? We must talk plainly to them, perhaps more privately than Mr Cameron has, and we should not shy away from holding them to standards we'd expect of any country, especially a nuclear weapons owning one.

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