Thursday, 19 August 2010

Stonewall Need To Sack Their Public Relations Director

I apologise for my recent absence. I can assure you, it's for the right reasons. I am back in paid employment and making myself useful. Once I've got into the swing of things I'll be back ranting and raving about marriage equality, Tories and my (reserved) love of the Liberal Democrats.

In the meantime we've had a rather interesting list of comments from various LGBT rights organisations on the issue of marriage equality published by Pink News. Interesting both in that all support marriage equality, and that Stonewall (one of my favourite groups to criticise) refused to give it's opinion.

Stonewall have given their opinion to me and, out of fairness, I'll repeat what they said: They are not against marriage equality, they just don't think it's a priority. This is a position I find bizarre. And one it seems more and more are finding strange too.

Check out Zoe's journal and Stephen's Liberal Journal for more.

Normal service shall resume this weekend.

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