Sunday, 22 August 2010

Irish LGBT Activism Still Has Some Punch

Whilst LGBT activism in the UK have descended into mainly being about pride partying (with the occasional misdirected political attack against other LGBT people who you don't agree with, as happened at Bristol Pride this weekend when LGBT Labour decided it was more fun to be bitchy and score political points than be united) or surveys on who is the best role model for LGBT Youth (yes Stonewall AGAIN), in Ireland there appears to still be some people fighting for actual equality.

Last month Ireland's own Civil Partnership Bill was signed into law. But LGBT activists aren't prepared to settle for second best there. LGBTNoise and other groups are taking part in a March for Marriage at 2pm. It is good to see some principled campaigning for equality on these islands, even if it is outside the borders of the United Kingdom.

May their march be a resounding success and help keep hope for marriage equality alive.

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