Sunday, 1 August 2010

David Cameron On Marriage Equality

Today, the Independent published it's Pink List. We'll ignore the fact that Joe McElderry somehow managed to get on the list (despite only being out as gay for a day) and focus on the related comments from our Dear Leader David Cameron. When I say focus, I meant to say "focus on the bits I don't like". Of course there's plenty to be thankful for in seeing a Conservative Prime Minister offer his support to the LGBT cause. But he's not winning me over with this:

I know there is one other subject that the gay community is particularly interested in: marriage. As someone who believes in commitment, in marriage and in civil partnerships, my view is that if religious organisations want to have civil partnerships registered at their places of worship that should be able to happen. Last week the Equalities Minister held listening events with faith groups and representatives of the gay community, as we consider what the next steps are for civil partnerships and how we enable religious organisations to register same-sex relationships on their premises if they wish to do so. I think this is an important step forward and we will help to make it happen.
He says nothing about marriage. He talks instead about religious civil partnerships, which I have criticised before. This is not marriage, and his note that it's a "step forward" again betrays the stupidity of the "step by step" approach. You take one step, trying not to annoy your opponents, and next time you'll take a smaller step and then another even smaller step until you are practically there (but not quite!). This is the political way, so I am often informed. Well I have one thing to say: Stop playing politics with my life! Principled positions have no place in our politics it would seem, which is to the detriment of our country.

As I said on Thursday, if you want marriage equality, you'll need to fight for it! It's not going to happen unless we get our voices heard.

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Mo Hassan said...

Boo! (not you, the 'PM'!) Thanks for the reminder about the pink list... will make for good breakfast reading!