Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Don't Trust Them

A very large part of me finds people like Ken Mehlman and Crispin Blunt disgusting. Feeling like that isn't right, but it doesn't make me stop feeling that way. These politicians have same sex attraction (I don't wish to call them gay as, to be honest, I don't think they deserve that title) yet spent their time in office calling for LESS rights for LGBT people.

For example. Crispin Blunt:

In 2001, Mr Blunt voted against not only the equal age of consent, but also against gay couples adopting. He also voted in favour of the bill designed to make it harder for lesbian couples to have equal access to IVF treatment.

He did not vote on the repeal of Section 28 as he was absent at the time. However, Mr Blunt did vote in favour of civil partnerships and the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation Regulation) which prevents discrimination against LGB people in the provision of goods and services.

And Ken Mehlman:

When Mr Bush became president, Mr Mehlman followed him to the White House as political director and later ran the re-election campaign which used the device of citing state ballot initiatives against same-sex marriage to help galvanise conservative voters.
I cannot begin to express the personal anger I feel towards these... these TURNCOATS.

But there is another part of me that says "Calm down Jae, it's only politics". That part seeks to remind me of the personal difficulties these sort of people must go through. It tells me all about homophobia springing from self hatred. It reminds me not to cast the first stone.

So I admit, there must have been so much pressure on both politicians from allsorts of angles. It must have been hard. But this doesn't stop me from using the same argument I used about Penny Wong and Angela Eagle: never, ever, trust a politician who cannot even stand up for their own personal liberty. There's a difference between closeted politicians and closeted politicians who actively work against LGBT rights for themselves and for everyone else. If you can't stand up for your own freedom, if you can't bring yourself to say "Wait a minute guys, I can't be a part of this campaign.", then you won't be able to stand up for others who aren't like you. You won't be able to stand up for those who put their vote in the box next to your name (and those who you represent who didn't!).

So be kind to Blunt and Mehlman. Remember that it must have been hard for them. But also remember they don't deserve positions of power.

Anyway, I apologise for my grumpy tone. I'll not be about so much for a while. Don't worry, my fight for marriage equality is coming offline with me. Today I received a letter from Emma Reed, Head of LGB and T Equality at the Equalities ministry, basically noting my feelings have been included as part of the religious civil partnership consultation. Later this week I shall be sending lots of letters to Stonewall's "corporate sponsors" inviting them to discuss their sponsorship with Stonewall viz-a-viz their inequality stance. Mean spirited, I know, but in keeping with my mood on the subject right now. Play nice children!

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