Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Rodizio Rico, The O2, Greenwich

So, to celebrate my other half's return from Texas, we headed out for a meal at Rodizio Rico. Rodizio Rico is a Brazilian restaurant with 3 branches, one of which is just up the road at The O2.

In the interests of full disclosure, my other half and I are currently on a diet which is a mixture of the Evolution diet and the Paleo diet. This limits are options restaurant wise, but whilst in Dallas he had been eating at a Brazilian restaurant which is mostly meat and salads. Which is perfect for us so he thought he take me out to show me what I'd been missing.

Yesterday was, thankfully, a non-gig night at The O2 meaning it was much quieter than it would normally be. This meant the restaurant, which is rather brightly lit and plain, lacked the atmosphere I suspect it manages when it's busy. But to me that's not a problem, my loathing of most other people means a quiet night is a good night for me!

We began our dining by sampling the various salads from the salad bar. Plenty of choice there and they were all very lightly dressed (as opposed to most salad bar's I've ever encountered which seem to think the vegetables are there only to provide texture for a Thousand Islands-esqe sauce). Having satisfied our shoulder angels, we gave in to our shoulder devils and began tucking in to the meat. Seasoned eaters out there will already know that the way these sort of Brazilian restaurants work is based on a red light/green light system. You are given a beermat-like round piece of card with a green side and red side. When you want meat, you flip it to green and when a waiter comes past, with a cut of meat, he'll offer you some. When you want a break you flip it to red. Oh, did I mention that it's basically an all you can eat sort of affair? Happy times.

The meats were delicious! Jim was particularly taken with the Picanha cut of beef. I have to second his choice but was also feeling a little more adventurous. I tried chicken hearts which, I've discovered, are absolutely divine. Chewy, but very tasty.

The waiters were attentive, and the service speedy. No complaints to be had there, and there was one or two hotties which helped compensate for the fact I was on water all evening.

Recommended... on a non-gig night!

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