Monday, 17 August 2009


In the interests of "completeness" I foolishly decided not to take BrumPlum's advice and went ahead and watched Brüno.

I have to say, based solely on this movie and Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen movies are slightly more painful to watch than having a leg sawn off without anesthetic. No, that doesn't go far enough... it's more painful that having my leg sawn off without anesthetic whilst crows pick at my eyes. Yes, that is more akin to describing the feeling I get when watching Cohen in action.

I have to say I laughed a lot more during this movie than I did during Borat, but cringed more too. I failed to see the whole of the Ron Paul sequence as I had my hands over my eyes from the get go. Way too embarrassing for my liking.

Once again I just found the whole thing pointless. There are funnier people out there, being more offensive than Cohen (Hi, Sarah Silverman!) and plenty of people getting people to say the things they really mean (take a bow, Louis Theroux). Cohen's movies are without merit, they are unnecessary. Your needs can be satisfied far more directly elsewhere.

How on Earth did this movie make over a $100 million??? Trashy rubbish with some good laughs.

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Plum said...

Lesson for the future, listen to your older and wiser friends and you'll be much happier :-p