Friday, 7 August 2009

Put Biggs Back

Notorious criminal Ronnie Biggs has been released from the custody of his prison guards on "compassionate grounds".

I think the following says just about everything I feel on the situation.

Peter Rayner, a former chief operating officer for British Rail who worked with Jack Mills - the train driver injured in the 1963 robbery, said: "One can't forget and one has to be clear that driver Mills... died as a result of injuries from criminals.

"Driver Mills was a man who stood against those criminals and said he wouldn't move his train with its valuable cargo.

"Driver Mills paid the penalty in that. So my feeling is one of concern that the perpetrators have been treated as folk heroes rather than the criminals that we on the railway believe them to be."

Last month, Mr Straw said Biggs should not be granted parole as he remained "wholly unrepentant" about his involvement in the 1963 robbery of a mail train. BBC News

Ronnie Biggs was a thief, a thug and a coward for fleeing from justice. He returned to this country only to seek medical treatment, not to say sorry. That makes me doubly sick.

Next they will be letting Dennis Nilsen have porn in his cell.

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Elizabeth Barrette said...

>>Next they will be letting Dennis Nilsen have porn in his cell. <<

I'll take a practical approach to that: if one hand is busy holding the magazine and the other is busy in his lap, he won't have a hand left to be making a shiv or some other trouble.

Jae said...

As he murdered young boys and men and then sexually abused their dead bodies I personally find it rather offensive to think of allowing him his porn.

I doubt Mr Nilsen will be causing any issues with trouble in prison... I think it's he who needs to keep a low profile there.