Thursday, 27 August 2009

Population Nightmare

As the right wingers and Tories lament the "flood" of immigrants into this country causing our population to rise (something this figures actually show is slowing down) I lament something more fundamental.

Nobody cares about their children's quality of life. They just keep having children, making the population grow larger and larger which will only serve to make your children's lives worse and worse. Our descendants have ever increasing house prices, water shortages, and a deterioating natural world to look forward to in their future.

I don't believe in controlled population reduction. It stinks of totalitarianism. But we as a society must begin to face up the fact that we cannot continue to have so many children if we wish to improve the quality of life for the generations to come.

The great hope was that as countries become more developed the birth rate will fall, but today's news, along with recent research suggests that there is a point reached where developed nations start to increase their fertility rate at certain point of development.

We must begin to do SOMETHING to stem the tide, to ensure our children can grow up in a green and pleasant land, to fight for a world where there is plenty to go around.

As soon as you want to discuss the high population of this country, and of this world, you face accusations of Nazism, eugenics, genocide and other such preposterous things. But it's time we did face up to the fact... something has to be done.

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Natalie said...

I must agree one hundred percent. I'm glad to see someone else noticing the increase of population in the world. The big problem is how? Will it be too late before people start to accept that they can not have kids just because everyone else does. Is a genocide inevitable? That's the sad, scary question.