Wednesday, 8 April 2009

What A Joke!

So I think we all knew there were chapels in most NHS hospitals. Hey I even had a vague idea there might have been chaplains. But stupidly, thinking too highly of the religious perhaps, I thought they must be volunteers from the local clergy.

Thanks to the National Secular Society, led by it's ever wonderful President Terry Sanderson, I now know differently. We, National Insurance payers, are funding those chaplains. Taking into account salaries only the NHS pays out £32m a year. But, even more shockingly, that equals an average of: £48,953 per chaplain. So for spreading lies (given that there are at least 4 different denominations of the Abrahamic religions even the fundies have to admit someone has to be lying!) and offering false hope we pay these people double the national average wage!

NSS president Terry Sanderson told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that the £40m figure was equivalent to employing 1,300 nurses or 2,645 cleaners.

2,645 cleaners? Imagine what benefits that could bring to the health of the patients in NHS hospitals!!!!!! Yet again the NHS panders to special interests (need we discuss alternative therapies).

NHS guidance notes all patients have a right to religious observance and that trusts should provide both faith representatives and places to pray.

Well all patients should have the right to contact and be visited by their delegated representative of their faith in hospital. But to keep with NHS policy either you need to employ representatives of every faith in existence in this country or surely the NHS is playing favourites and discriminating against those not of one of the "endorsed" faiths.

Stop discriminating against Pastafarians!!

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