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Flu Balls Again

Time for more of the really stupid things to come out from all this flu malarky. Let's start with something which I hope is a failed attempt at a joke on the BBC's Have Your Say

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Yet more scaremongering. How can miniscule microbes possibly cause illness? Everyone knows that illness is caused by the miasma, so just stay away from smelly areas and you'll be fine. They said the millenium bug would kill us all, but it didn't.

harry leicester

The miasma seems to suggest a humourous take on other posters stupidity but the poor spelling and the mention of Y2K suggests perhaps he really is just stupid...

I think the Egyptians may not have been paying attention as they seem to think the world is suffering from the speedy spread of flu through pigs (who I assume fly business class). Is there a large pig importation business in Egypt? Whilst there's a Coptic Christian community I'm guessing as a mostly Muslim country it's not likely Mexico or America send many pigs over. I believe this may be what we call "overkill".

There's an argument in favour of continuing to call this outbreak swine flu if ever I saw one. What if we were all calling it Mexican flu? I shudder to think what might have happened to Egypt's Mexican tourists at the hands of these idiots.

Warning: The fundies have discovered swine flu and much amusement follows.

The Mystery in it all. Just remember there are Facilities(Labs) That Housed Terrible Strains of Viruses. And I do remember sometime back in the news where Mice were missing from a N.J. Lab Containmented with some Deadly Disease.
It always makes me Wonder when I hear about these Strange New Diseases, if they were not Man Made in Some Medical Lab, and Some Crazy Mad Scientist brought out to the Us Regular Citizens to see what would happen and how it will be Controlled. I know this sounds all Sci-Fiction...But, When Mice come up Missing and that wasn't the only news story in months past.
It makes me wonder....If, this isn't a Government Project?
Remember, O Preacher he was all about the White Man giving terrible Illnesses to Black PPl.

It also seems they've discovered the shift key helps with capital letters but sadly have yet to master the art.

Not to be left out the racists are onto it too!

I was actually going to make a post about this. I'm absolutely infuriated at how our worthless fucking government has handled it. In Mexico, they've issues statements telling people not to share food utensils, not to kiss, not to shake hands, to take precautions... here, they've said "Wash your hands". And that's it. There hasn't really even been any substantial public warning that I'm aware of. And, again, Obama is sitting around trying to figure out how to legalize millions of illegals.

I'm not eating out much right now, and I'll only go to a restaurant where I know for a fact immigrants aren't cooking the food. Which around here means almost entirely Asian food, because those are the only places near us that are family run and you can trust who's in the kitchen. Which is cool with me. I'm also avoiding raw foods, as you never know who may have handled them on the way to your plate.

Some people have even suggested that it could have been something started by Al Qaeda. It would be a brilliant plan... infect the US via Mexico, since there's no effective border. There's no proof of that, but it does seem ridiculous that the government isn't looking into it. Those people have been trying to modify the flu for years from what I understand.

Quemaqua, 13 Comments [4/26/2009 5:59:43 PM]

Isn't it wonderful how a crisis can bring us all together? Fingers crossed that should things take a course for the worse here in Britain we might be able to call upon a little bit of the Dunkirk/Blitz spirit to see us through...

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