Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The Insidious Dishonesty Of The Morality Campaigners

Robert Peters, the president of Morality in Media, has blamed the "sexual revolution" (sorry I was never involved in any revolution, last I checked I just got to be a little more free than some of my predecessors) for all sorts of things including:

abortion, divorce, pornography, rape, sexual abuse of children, sexually transmitted diseases, trafficking in women and children, unwed teen mothers and more

Interesting choice of subjects there but I prefer to deal with crimes and "immoral acts" that one can easily count now and in the past in order to be able to judge how "moral" a society is. Given that until recently rape, paedophilia, sexual slavery and many other "immoralities" were kept quiet by the powers that be and by almost unintentional pressure by society at large it is hardly surprising one might believe the LIES of the morality campaigners. It is only now (following the empowerment of women, the birth of a strong media holding the justice system to account and the "sexual revolution" allowing taboo subjects finally to be discussed) that such crimes are being reported and dealt with in ever greater numbers. This is why they might appear to happen more often, it's an illusion created by a more ever present media.

Let's look at the real statistics of "immoral" America:

Serious violent crimes by young people: DOWN
Attempted and successful rape: DOWN
Murder: DOWN
Violent crime rates: LOWEST EVER RECORDED IN 2005

And gun crime, which he sort of blames via the "mass murders" he mentions: DOWN. When did it start to fall? Under Clinton.

And let's face it, would you rather live now or during the rather violent recent past of America (think '20s and earlier, you know before the "sexual revolution")?

When will people start to take these LIARS to task? These so called "moral" people will lie, cheat and do evil in order to progress their agenda, which is not to take us back to some NON-EXISTENT paradise past but to take us to a dark future where hope and joy have no place.

Live free, live well and be nice. That should be all that is required to be a "moral" person.

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